Don’t Accept Alternative Facts

Data-driven decisions made easy.

Akumen connects data to business rules so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Watch Metrics In Real-Time

Keep an eye on thousands of indicators.

Back-calculate historical and process live data.
Identify events that could cause down-stream issues.
Do it consistently and automatically.

Collaborate Around Data

Organise your team around a unifying data ecosystem.

Bring data from multiple sources into a single source of truth.
Allow your team to interact with data and models in real time.
Connect data without software development.

Decision Makers

Search and Explore scenarios with What-If and Goal Seek.

Explore Scenarios

Search The Best. Avoid The Worst. Play out your future.

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Focus on unique development not routine deployment.

Data not DevOps

Easily wire data, models and reports. Publish API.

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A development environment for smooth collaboration.

Real Collaboration

While providing auditablity, security and versioning.

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Deliver analysis faster without reinventing the wheel.

Deliver Product

Work in real-time with clients. Present a story.

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Intuitive Analysis

Ask What-If Questions and Goal Seek effectively.

Explore thousands of scenarios, compare and search for the best outcomes.
Identify how to avoid the worst.
Organise and publish your work.

We’re trusted by teams globally.

Visualise Outcomes

Paint a story with pictures

Template reports, populate with live data.
Drill down and explore your findings.
Securely share your results.

Award Winning Workflow

Data Science for the 99%

Connect Spreadsheets and Code.
Create business logic over your data.
Utilize live data, from external sources and in real time, in your models.

National Winner: Innovation Of The Year and Big Data Innovation Of The YearAustralian Information Industry Awards, 2016