Akumen and Optika Solutions

Optika Solutions is an Australian data science and software development consultancy based in West Perth.
We assist organizations to achieve solutions to vexed problems by providing them with the tools they need to achieve desired outcomes.
We employ our home-developed platform, Akumen, to assist clients to make decisions that are based upon solid, evidence-driven data.
Essentially, we turn data into insight. And insight is the key to effective decision-making.
We know that organizations frequently struggle to develop bespoke solutions and frequently use generic platforms that partially meet their needs. We deploy Akumen to overcome the technical uncertainty that bedevils so many software platforms.
Akumen is our state-of-the-art Business Improvement and Data Analytics Platform. It allows users to work easily with big data in a collaborative environment in real time.
Our wish is to support our clients to the best of our ability. We integrate into a client’s environment and assist them with their problem identification and solutions. We resolve data issues; we support them to try innovative ways of overcoming those issues; and capture domain knowledge.

Akumen as a Platform.
There are many products in the market that will assist organizations with their asset management, predictive analytics, data storage and so on. Only Akumen houses all the management processes that are so essential for effective management under one umbrella.
It is a web-hosted decision support environment that brings modelling and analysis out of the lab and onto a laptop, a tablet/ipad, a smart phone or desktop.
In short, it permits the user to best utilize the existing data and assets, host them in one dynamic environment and explore alternatives and their consequences at any point in time.

So far, Akumen has been deployed in a variety of commercial and non-commercial environments – mining, oil and gas, energy, health, primary industry and education. But its potential also embraces financial services, transport, utilities and defense forces all of which are showing interest in learning more about how Akumen can assist them achieve their desired outcomes.

Business Benefits.
Numerous business benefits accrue from using Akumen.
We list some of them below:
• Managing Data. Captures all assets information, live and/or historical. Ensures the effective management of extremely large data sets accurately and efficiently.
• Catalogue Business. Single location to store everything.
• Model/Simulate the Business. Enable management of many processes.
• Explore the Business. Explore ideas, scenarios and “what if?” situations.
• Visualise the Business. Enables all key actors to have a fully integrated perspective.
• Predict and Optimise the Business. Optimises value and enables the best decision.
• Web-based interface. Improved communication using latest medium.
• Cloud based. Ability to deploy easily and cheaply.
• Collaborate. Provides actionable insight into and ownership of problems.