Akumen Helping University Students Achieve Success

Curtin University students have had the unique opportunity to use Akumen in a reality based mining project and have discovered the advantage of using Akumen in decision making.

Curtin University students completing the M.Sc. Mineral Economics Capstone unit have had the opportunity to use the Akumen software to help them make vital decisions in a case study based on a pre-feasibility report for a mining project.

Capstone is an opportunity for students in their final year M.Sc. in Mineral Economics units to put their skills into practice by sending them into a reality based mining project prospect. After the completion of the project the students need to provide their recommendations to a ‘board of investors’ composed of the lecturers of the Mineral Economics CGSB, Curtin University. Akumen helped the students to create a valuation model that can then assist in answering their questions and highlight recommendations to be made for the case study under consideration.

Typing on laptop close-up. Meeting report in progress. Film effect, blurry background

Optika Solutions CEO, Steve Hannah: ‘Bringing together disparate data sets and uniting teams within a business, be it down the corridor to the next cubicle, or from Head Office to a remote location, or multiple office locations around the world, Akumen’s unique collaboration environment offers huge and immediately tangible benefits’.
Akumen won Optika Solutions the iAwards ‘Big Data Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Innovation of the Year’ in September 2016.



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