Creating an Effective and Efficient Manufacturing Industry

The internet is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. People, products, machines and processes are increasingly brought together to one integrated system- the Internet of Things (IoT).
By blending real and virtual worlds, software solutions can create new forms of collaboration of men and machine towards a more effective and efficient manufacturing process. This is commonly titled as ‘Industry 4.0’ by experts globally.

AKUMEN, a product created by Optika Solutions has the capability to integrate data and generate actionable insights and this has recently helped an Australian company to stream-line its manufacturing process; putting it on the cutting edge of Industry 4.0 among its competitors.

By integrating data from the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and from bottleneck machines directly, a number of AKUMEN applications now analyze and optimize the manufacturing process constantly. Significant reductions in costs and lead time were achieved.

The nature of the company’s business requires a high degree of product customization and a complex manufacturing process. AKUMEN was purchased to integrate stand-alone, legacy systems and to enable cross-departmental collaboration with the hope to improve operational performance of this complex system.

Optika Solutions supported the company in creating an Internet of Things (IoT) with AKUMEN as its centerpiece. Existing and new analytics applications are now hosted in AKUMEN’s cloud environment. That enabled the company to generate actionable insights from real-time data and explore possible future scenarios through AKUMEN’s scenario management and predictive analytics capabilities. Furthermore, AKUMEN’s online interface democratized data analytics and brought data-driven decision making onto the shop-floor as well as into meeting rooms.

As a consequence, manufacturing costs and lead time could be reduced considerably and customer satisfaction improved. Embracing Industry 4.0 and AKUMEN created a true competitive advantage for the company.