Our Examples

We Foster Education

Akumen is in use in education by students and teachers. Graduate mining management university students learn how to analyse the profitability of an operation. Teachers identify why the best students are the best. Akumen is simple to learn and directly provides results maximising engagement and retention.

We Find The Overlooked

We find the overlooked prizes: moments of opportunity in your pricing or marketing. We look at real-time weather as well as seasonal and market trends. We build systems that keep an eye on your business environment, so you can focus on quality and consistency.

We Practice Honesty

Sometimes the truth hurts. We’re successful as a species because we make mistakes, we learn, recognize and adapt. Akumen helps companies, keep consistent, recognize mistakes and avoid disaster, time and time again. After all, data never lies.

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We Support Research

Research drives us forward, finding patterns of correlation and causation. Akumen is used in innovative research facilities including the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre and help with world-leading burns research for burns specialists.

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