Predictive Healthcare

Akumen predicting burn recovery for patient outcomes.

Optika has partnered with the Fiona Wood Foundation to find new and innovative ways to care for burns victims and reduce their recovery time utilizing the predictive capability of Akumen.

The impact of innovative work undertaken by Fiona Wood and her team into tissue engineering is well known and has already had a global impact. Growing sheets of cultured skin- and then developing ‘spray on skin’- allows skin grafts to be applied much sooner which reduces the risk of infection and results in less scaring. Spray on skin is now being used around the world and has changed people’s lives.

At the Burns Unit patients receive world-class care medical care, but for many patients, recovering from a burn cosmetically in hospital is only the start of the journey. Those who have suffered major burns could have life long physiological and psychological implications that aren’t visible or communicated. These include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Akumen is now being utilized to analyse volunteer patient data in the world-first real-time data study: to assist surgeons and other allied health professionals by providing insight and strategic bio-metric information regarding burns victims and their propensity to heal, healing time and how best to manage their significant burns.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, specializing in burns, Fiona Wood already knew that background factors, such as being in a relationship, could dramatically reduce the length of time spent in hospital. The missing link is how factors outside of the clinic could affect long term how patients were faring – if there was a mechanism that could allow for better management  and communication to specialists and after-care staff, this could be of enormous benefit:

This work can dramatically increase the overall quality of life for patients and reduce the cost of overall health care in repeated visits and after care for health care practitioners .

Akumen’s predictive framework and collaborative data capabilities aim to assist the researchers to answer the three most important questions for a patient following a significant burn injury: the skins capacity to heal, the development and maintenance of scarring, and long term health issues the patient may experience after a burn. The award winning product is set to become a new pillar of research and suite of information for Dr. Fiona Wood and her team of health professionals and researchers.

Now with Akumen  analytics and collaborative data-science framework, the State Burns Unit can better understand different aspects of burns people may experience and the best treatment methods to achieve the most desirable outcomes for the patient.

“When I’m considering patient care, for that individual that’s right there in front of me, I want to take all the knowledge across the world, all the technology and deliver it to that patient. Akumen makes that possible.” Dr. Fiona Wood, Director - Burns Unit, Fiona Stanley Hospital