Analytics From Paddock to Plate

Akumen in Agricultural Supply Chain Managment

Australia is a world leader in terms of the value of the beef it exports, outranking its competitors. While a relatively small producer of beef, it is the second largest exporter in the world. In 2010-11Australia exported 937,301 tonnes of beef, worth AUD$4.5billion dollars to prime export markets in Japan (37%), The United States (17%) and Korea (15%).

It is the quality of Australian beef, both in terms of supplying a safe and delicious product, as well as the range of quality assurance measures in place in the industry that puts Australian beef in high demand.

While already world leaders in quality beef production, one Western Australian company wanted to give themselves a competitive edge in supply chain efficiency and animal welfare to ensure consistency of the quality of beef they are producing, thereby increasing demand for their quality product.

By using Akumen’s considerable data processing and analytics capabilities, the company is able to track every animal individually from the farmers paddock, to processing and holding through feedlots, transportation across the seas and ultimately to consumers and businesses around the world.

Akumen has provided the company in depth insight into the performance and well-being of the beef assets.

“Akumen has given Taurindi Beef a unique and detailed insight into our supply chain management. From the productivity of our livestock through to the quality and grading of the beef, allowing us to manage our product lines for consistency whilst understanding the impact on cost and pricing”Steve Meerwald, Director - Taurindi Beef
A custom database connector was written to allow Akumen to integrate with Tarundi’s existing data collection systems.

Akumen allows users to create custom data adapters as .NET dlls and then import them into Akumen. These allow Akumen to access to almost any kind of known data source, with minimal configuration.

The data is then processed through custom models developed within Akumen and outputted into advanced reporting and analytics tools built within the platform.

These tools were used to build visual reports on data at various supply chain locations (on acquisition, in feedlots, before transportation, after transportation) and accurately measure individual weight gains and losses against in performance and costs on a ‘per asset’ basis.

Not only have these models helped to identify the actualized profit or loss, but more importantly, the detailed reporting insights show exactly where in the supply chain the largest issues occur, and management can take steps to address problems before they arise.

By having complete transparency in sourcing and insight into the journey from paddock to plate, Taurindi Beef continues to sustain its position as the provider of the most desired beef products in the world, while leading the way for Australian Agribusiness innovation.

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