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The questions we’re asked all the time.

With our tools, your analyst and data people can create living, interconnected, real-time spreadsheets, models and apps using live data. With this data connected, you can ask Akumen about any aspect of your organisation (past, present or future) and it will give you the best possible answer from history, in real-time and predicted by analysis.

Rather than make dashboards and reports from your data, Akumen does something different: It connects your data with your business analysts, data scientists and field experts in your company or team, to create collaborative analytics.

Your team can share, approve and build upon these models, growing them in sophistication, changing them quickly as systems and processes change and competing and validating accuracy.

We provide a central stage where analysts can flexibly use historical and live data to create models. From these models they can create forecasts about your company’s future. For the first time: you can see events that can be influenced of hundreds of factors and the implications of just one overlooked issue.

Data is difficult to get access to, share and keep secure.

  • Applications that can handle the volume of information are too difficult for non-technical people to use.
  • Its been too difficult and technically intricate to work with large volumes of data (big data), incomplete or missing data.
  • Its been technically complex to work with live data.

We feel it doesn’t have to be this way.

Not everyone may not be experts in data, but they’re experts in something – and that knowledge of how a system works can be captured through modelling inside Akumen.

With enough experts the model becomes sophisticated enough to recognize events, predict outcomes and describe the best course of action.

In addition, now’s a great time:

  • Companies are generating more data and utilizing less than ever before.
  • Cheap compute power is available to create and play out the millions of scenarios versions of your future.
  • Rapidly advancing machine learning to recognize and replay patterns.
  • The best course of action is more uncertain than ever.

Akumen handles these in clean, simplified workflows that are traceable and accountable without sacrificing flexibility or capability.

  • Link all your company data securely, in one place.
  • Keep your data on your systems.
  • Ask questions about your business and get accurate, consistent and reliable answers.
  • Forecast the future accurately, based on connected historical information.
  • Keep track of KPI in real time.
  • See plan vs actual at every point in history.
  • Create “What-If” scenarios and see the results.
  • Search for the best scenarios, and avoid the worst.


We provide a tool that analysts and experts (people that know your business best) can use to capture detailed patterns in your data.

By connecting live data we’re able to link what the analysts say you can do (your plan), with what you can actually do (your actual).

This can be shown as dashboards and reports, but only show you the information you need, when its timely.

This contrasts to the current mechanism of showing you everything and asking you to interpret whats important.

In the post-truth world, the best path forward is defined in data.

While we’re good at generating it, we’re miles from capturing it, cleaning, organizing and interpreting it well.

We want to put data to work, but to do that we need to make data-science accessible so that people can make decisions in a logical and structured way, backed by data – not interpreted charts.

We want people to build models of their reality and grow them in sophistication, by working together.

We’re a boutique software development consultancy based in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. We specialize in data.

For the last decade we’ve been providing specialist capabilities for a number of multi-national organisations and several major consultancies.

If you’d like to know more, please visit: OPTIKA Solutions


PDF Reference Guides.

A quick start guide that walks you through an example, step-by-step. You’ll be building models in Akumen in no-time.

PDF – 1.45MB

A quick start guide that walks you through an example, step-by-step. You’ll be building models in Akumen in no-time.

Coming Soon!

A quick start guide that walks you through an example, step-by-step. You’ll be building models in Akumen in no-time.

Coming Soon!