Make smart decisions together.

Connecting your company data has never been easier.
Akumen turns Excel Files, Code and Scripts into Apps.


Catalog Assets and Data

Catalog and structure your data and asset information in one location.

Import data from hundreds of different data sources and bring them to a Single Source Of Truth.

From this staging area Akumen can make clean, organised data available through the platform for analysis.

Data Sources / Sinks

  • Live Data Register
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Document Management

Capture Domain Knowledge

Build apps utilising your choice of technology.

Create underlying models in an intuitive graphical programming language or use a collaborative code editor.

Work in real-time with your team.

Utilize data sourced from the Asset Catalog throughout your models, simply and easily.

Publish finished models into apps and make them available across your organisation.


  • Living Value Driver Trees
  • Collaborative Code Editor For Python, R
  • What-If Analysis / Scenario Generation


Visualise Targets

Visualise results using intuitive built in reports that understand the models.

Don’t just extrapolate! Get accurate results from models.

Share live, interactive reports.

Create custom models that can render results using D3, Javascript, WebGL and more.

Conduct advanced analytics using Spotfire / Tableau visualization.


  • Intuitive In-Built Reports
  • Integrated TIBCO Spotfire Analytics
  • WebGL Visualisation